We are a family who cares a natural, harmonious environment that promotes healthy living and growth. So we live in a wonderful place in the National Park of Gauja, surrounded by natural forests, meadows and ravines.

Home is our temple, a place that protects us and promotes our growth. Therefore, at home are very welcome all important events in human life - birth, growth, education. All three of our children were born at home (home furnishings), and now everyone was at home (home training). Around these important events, we'll create our stories. In our vision of everything around the home (home furnishing, home training, home (life in the countryside), the body as home (biohacking)), the Renaissance will begin in the near future.

One of the more important topics in our family is children's education. Both of us have pedagogical education and experience in pedagogical and educational management. We have always considered each child to come with their own dedicated kernel, their mission and their tasks in life, so it is very important to support each individual approach in this learning process. Therefore, we have always looked for educational institutions that support the personality and creativity of each child, because 98% of us are born genius, very creative, but growing up in an existing system, only 2% have managed to maintain their creativity and not operate within frames.

In thinking about our children's education, we founded a  elementary school “MY PATH” in Sigulda 4 years ago, which worked for a year, but we were forced to quit because of various resource gaps. However, we have not stopped looking for the best schools, so we have set up our own school of life for our children - home training.

Since we care about education and culture, not only in the family, but also in the county, country and world, we have founded the association “Mana Taka”, which aims to carry out a public-benefit activity aimed at improving education and development, increasing the importance of arts in the educational process.

The words Manataka in  Indian means a place of peace to which we all tend to be, in a shorter or longer period.


If you have any questions, proposals, or want to find out moreabout our experience, contact us in this form or by writing an email to mana.taka@inbox.lv